Classes begin the week of September 25


  1. English 3 (Conversation)
  2. You want to speak English; you would like to make yourself understood. Welcome.
  • French Beginners
  • This is where you can learn to put a few French sentences together.
  • French 3 (Conversation)
  • You already speak French and you want to improve. Welcome.
  • Spanish 1
  • This course is aimed at people wishing to learn some basic concepts to communicate in Spanish. Acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammar. Oral practice and written expression work in class. Prerequisite:  very little or no exposure to the language.
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • This course is intended for people who have acquired the basics of the Spanish language. It aims to supplement grammatical and linguistic knowledge and to deepen oral and written expression. Prerequisites:  have taken beginner courses 1 and 2 or the equivalent of 40 hours of lessons.
  • Spanish 4 (Conversation)
  • Oral practice in conversation workshops for people with an advanced Spanish level. The activities aim to develop the oral skills of the participants as to understanding and conversation. The main objective is that the student be able to interact appropriately in different situations of communication in Spanish and dealing with several subjects.

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